Anila Ali – A Passionate Personality Running For Irvine City Council Seat

Anila Ali, a Pakistani American has called Irvine, CA, her home since 1996, and announced that she is running for a council seat for the Southern California city. In accordance with her campaign page, she has advocated for Irvine’s youth, children, and families, and also served as a board member of Public School Foundation of the city. Besides this, she also ran for California’s Assembly District 74.
In 2015, Ali served as a panelist at the White House Summit on Violent Extremism, and there she shared her thoughts on countering extremism with Vice President Joe Biden. Besides participating in political activities, she has written on how to stop radicalization and encourage community building. She also founded the American Muslim Women’s Empowerment Council (AMWEC).

Ali consistently writes and comments on various issues that tend to affect Muslims residing in America. She advocates for Islam, women’s rights, Muslims in America, interfaith tolerance and education. In late 2010, Anila Ali co-wrote a children’s book, named Mommy, Am I a ….? In which the subject is bullying, interfaith and the discussion about children’s misunderstandings of distinct backgrounds. In addition, the book has been used by school districts in the United States for open discussions about cultural understanding and tolerance.

Talking about her parents, they were highly influenced by democratic ideals. From her early age, she believed in people equality regardless of their color, creed, race, gender, etc. She learned well from her loving father, who was a journalist and diplomat. Besides this, her mother who was a teacher and philanthropist also played an influential role in Anila’s life. According to Anila Ali, she is the best of both of her parents which reflects from the fact that she is a renowned author, excellent middle school teacher, and esteemed community leader.


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