Anila Ali is Making Every Possible Effort to Keep Irvine, A Great City

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Anila Ali conducted her studies in London, and there she became a volunteer in the All Pakistan Women’s Association. After moving to CA in 1996, she became an active member of the Council of Pakistan-American Affairs (COPAA) and an honorable contributor to “The Pakistan Link” which is recognized as the largest Pakistani paper in the U.S.

anila-aliThe city of Irvine is considered as a leader in 21st century, as it is uniquely planned,hosts a booming business community, commitment to art, recreation, environmental awareness, craft, community and philanthropic involvement, and offers state-of-the-art academics. According to Anila, all these elements help create a model city, and this is what the people of Irvine cherish, love, and stand for, including herself.

Anila truly wants to shed light upon the Irvine’s strength which is the diversity of its villages and multi-cultural population. She believes that the well planned villages are unique with individual concerns and characteristics that must be recognized. She has promised her accountability to the citizens for all the process and policies that will dictate her actions, when selected for the seat on the Irvine City Council.

Recognizing that it is a privilege to serve people as a City Council member, Anila also promises to the Irvine citizens her commitment to demonstrate accountability by opting for forums and community meetings for always listening their concerns and issues. She believes that this great city lacks at posting a united city council that can strongly act on the behalf of the residents.In addition to this, the city needs City Council that can reflect its harmonious communities because its people deserve the best.

Anila Ali shares more than 20 years of leadership experience and recognized as a trustworthy candidate running for Irvine City Council. She wants to live her dream of witnessing Irvine working again towards its extraordinary future.


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