Raised in the Karachi region of Pakistan, Anila Ali has made America her home for more than 20 years. A proud citizen of Orange County, she is a married woman, blessed with two beautiful children.This enables her to understand the issues that working families of CA face.

Brief background information

Anila’s parents were highly influenced by democratic ideals and from an early age,they taught her to believe in people equality regardless of their race, color, creed, gender, etc.She learned many things from her loving father, who was a journalist and diplomat. A teacher and philanthropist, her mother played an influential role in Anila’s life. She is the best of both, as she is a brilliant middle school teacher, renowned author, and esteemed community leader.

Inspiring personality

Serving as the Orange County Chair of the International Leadership Forum (ILF),she has made remarkable efforts to not only inspire young people but also empower them to actually recognize the civic and political leadership value. Also abbreviated as ILF,it offers assistance to prepare its fellows to become leaders in cultural, academic, community, business, public arenas, and professional.


As a career educator, Anila Ali is a supporter of education as well as equal access. She decided to go for Irvine City Council because of her sheer passion for civic engagement that includes serving the Youth and Families Advisory Board,City of Irvine Strategic Plan for Children,and Irvine Public Schools Foundation Board of Trustees.She believes that children are the future and they are going on to be strong advocates for the policies that support good schools, healthy communities, economic empowerment and access for all.


Anila – a proud recipient of President Obama’s Excellence in Volunteerism Award has also been honored for her extraordinary efforts to support safe communities by the LAPD Counter-terrorism Department and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. She is a community-builder and global thinker, who has earned respect throughout the inter-faith community for her dedication towards her efforts to create the bridges of understanding.